Delivery Schedule
Orders placed on our web site, prior to 9:00 am PST (Monday-Friday), excluding holidays, will be processed the same business day. Orders received after 9:00 am PST (Monday-Friday) will be processed the next business day. 

If you have not recieved your order after a REASONABLE delay (24 hours M-F), or by Tuesday for orders placed over the weekend, you should send an email message to and we will trace your order. 

To help us find your order please provide the order reference number that was shown on the online order confirmation page, the date the order was placed, your name as was typed on the order, and your email address as was typed on the order. With this information we can find your order and reply to you.

The most common  reason clients do not get their order on schedule is that they gave us an  incomplete or incorrect email address.

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